Saturday, March 15, 2008


The first is a picture of Beck and how we both feel. Time just seems to be dragging. It's like we're both waiting for something to happen, gee, I wonder what that could be, but it seems like it may never happen. I remember feeling like this before Beck was born, but it didn't happen until about 38 weeks when I was really anxious and waiting and right now I am 36 weeks AND 4 days, yes, that 4 days makes a difference, and my doctor has said any day now, and I am so impatient! I have knitted, sewed, cut apart, painted, and driven myself crazy for about a week and a half now. The funny thing is, I am still going to be pregnant 2 weeks from now. hahaha! Joke's on me.

The following 2 pictures are our hope for the future and that spring is here. We had a great winter and the snow melted too fast, but we are just as excited about spring. Last Saturday Stephen and I worked in the yard all day and it was so great! But today he is at Youth Conference all day and Beck and I are counting the hours until he gets home. Also with his new calling we went to a Stake Youth Dance in Ephrata last night (He is now the 1st counselor in the Stake Young Mens) and boogied until Beck just couldn't boogie anymore. No, mostly we just walked around and told kids to stay out of trouble, but we didn't get home until late and by that time Beck was done and kept yelling, "out, mamma, out!" and pointing to the door. But he was pretty popular with the ladies.

I have been trying to work a bit more and will be subbing as an aid in kinders all next week. It's funny, with Beck I stopped working like 2 months before he was born and with Paisley I can't seem to keep myself busy enough, the 3 mile walk a few days ago didn't trigger anything and jumping on the trampoline and teaching cheerleading last night didn't do anything either. This baby girl is not wanting to come out! Man, sure hope it's a girl, because I'm ready and if a boy pops out, I better call for some help to drag all of Beck's old clothes out of the attic and get my washing machine going!


AlliFinn said...

My weekends with my husband are non of your business! Lol When is your babe coming?? I hope when I am there.

AlliFinn said...
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Jess said...

The "handy neighbor" would LOVE to saw your rolls (does that sound bad?) Let me know if you can't find the container. It is so worth it :)

P.S. I am praying that your water breaks, have you tried scrubbing the kitchen floor?? Hang in there :)

kbeck said...

hey korbi i have a blog, so i figure you can click on my name and then add me to yours, tell the sisters, oh and i love that pic of beck. can you just make a cd with him talking for me?

Mastrude Family said...

Hey Korbs. FIrst off I want to say I love looking at your blog and reading your fun stories and looking at the newest pics.

Second about the phone pics. You have to go in like you are going to send a text/picture message and instead of a phone number you type in your (or anyone else's) e-mail address and it should send it. Then it is just a matter of saving it from e-mail to your computer.

I can't believe you are just about ready to have little baby Paisley! It seems like your pregnancy flew by, which is probably not the way you feel and are probably hating everyone that says that to you huh? I know I did. Anyway, I can't wait!

Bethany said...

Korbi, you need to calm down. I can't believe how active you've been. Jumping on the trampoline?! Are you crazy? If that doesn't break your water then I don't know what will. That's funny that you mentioned she'd better be a girl, because lately I've been having all this anxiety about if my baby is actually a boy. It's scary because with Dr. Wong you'd get all these ultrasounds that would reconfirm you were actually having a boy and now we just have to go with what they say at the 20 wk. Anyway, I'm sure we're both having girls :)