Monday, March 31, 2008

Paisley, have you any mercy?

As I sit here at my creaky computer desk chair

I wonder if Paisley even has a care

The fact that her mom can't even bend over or see her toes

Her belly button has ceased to exist, and she has a zit on the end of her nose

The Dr's all say, "this baby will be big, like the last"

but they just shrug and smile, I guess until the due date will pass

The baby booties I've made, a ton I'd say

And the hats I've knitted, the Knifty Knitter way

I'm still teaching preschool, hanging in til the end

And the complaining I do, I'm lucky to have a friend

My husband can't find his once sweet bubbly wife

She's lost in the blubber and all of her strife

There's amazing people out there who go past the date they are due

They smile and keep on trucking, the incredible few

But here I am at week 39

And all I can do is moan and whine

I've smiled enough, cracked a joke or two

But yesterday and today, man I feel blue

Oh the miles I've walked, the cartwheels I've turned

All to help this baby out, but the lessons I've learned

She'll come when she's ready, nails polished, hair long and flowing

But next time you see me I probably won't be glowing! :)


Em K DUB said...

Wait. . . . .Your doing cart wheels to make the baby come sooner?. . . . like literally? You are so funny! Hang in there little camper! And by the way I haven't heard you complain yet so you still have me as a friend!

Jen and Ty Martin said... wife and I know how you feel. (this is guate ty). I need if you can, your contact info as I am filling out hte bar...and if you've got the info. for any of the other girls too. Sorry to bug you.

Crisdee said...

hi there! saw your cute blog... the last weeks just suck! I can only imagine... only made it through week 38 this time and really could not handle it anymore... very greateful for my scheduled c-section... sorry you are so miserable... it will be over soon!!!

Pearsons said...

You look super cute! Its crazy how much you want them out to see what they look like and to finally get to enjoy them. Sometimes I wish that i could be pregnant, newborns are kinda difficult for me at times:) Good luck with delivery I hope that everything goes really well. I cant wait to see pictures of her.

melanie said...

I love your complaining, and your cute belly with Paisley. Of course you think it's huge but you look good! No big butt or arms or face. Seriously, you're doing cartwheels in the middle of the street! Who else do you know that can do that at 39 weeks?

Complain away. I can't wait to meet her. Just like you!

Mindy said...

Korbi, I love the poem! I remember with my last pregnancy, my tummy was so big that Troy had to help me get in and out of bed.

Ivy R. Hendrickson said...

Congrats Korbi! I hope all is well, good to see you on Blogger!

Lena Gilbert said...

I don't know if you have a breast pump but one of my patients tried this and it sent her into labor...5 mins on and 20 mins off. If it doesn't work, pretend I never said a thing!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

I only went to 38 weeks with Cambree so I really have no clue how you are feeling, but if it makes you feel any better, you do look adorable!!! And just think she CAN'T stay in there forever! (my cousin Capri was due on the 27th, and she is still prego, man it really must suck)

Good Luck with everything!

AlliFinn said...

you will bubble again. she is waiting for me. Ill be there soon! hang in there......

The Peterson's said...

Korbs she will come she will come she will come. I love the poem, see how extra creative you can be with this free time. LOL. Enjoy it because you wont have any once she comes. :) Hang in there. We look forward to seeeing her photos once she does decide to come. I love you and hope that when the day finally comes all goes well!

Cassidy said...

Oh hang in there girl!! I remember feeling the same way with Carter. He came 5 days early, but it was close. THe last month is a killer. You look SO GOOD though! I was looking at your picture and praying I look as good as you. I also want to say mad props to you for the cute room, booties, and everything else. You rock. I'm just trying my hardest to wake up in the morning. ;)

Chanc Nicole said...

That poem is great Korbi- Hang in there!