Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beck learned to ride his bike on the 20th of last month (May). I had convinced Stephen to buy this glider bike from Costco about a year ago. It doesn't have any pedals and teaches them to balance. Beck just started riding it like maybe over a month ago and then Stephen woke up one Saturday morning and stuck him on his bike and off he went. He's ridden around the block as well, so folks, this ain't no fluke! Beck is a full on bike rider!


Jana said...

And he's growing up just a little more each day. Not a baby or toddler anymore - a full grown BOY. Pretty soon it will be the car he is driving. Thanks for the post - I missed them.

Mastrude Family said...

Way to go Beck!!! That's how talon learned to ride so early. Those glider bikes are worth their money for sure.