Friday, November 18, 2011

Last night at midnight was the first showing of the Twilight movie Breaking Dawn Part 1... I was going to try and take a nap, but helped Stephen put up Christmas lights instead.

Then I met some gals at the show. I got there about 10:45 after picking up some of the girls in my neighborhood, Sabrina and Jinni. Jenny Raymond was kind enough to have saved us seats. They had 8 theaters open and we had all pre bought our tickets.

Top- Jenny Raymond, Bekah Mardis, Sabrina Vail, and Jinni Mackey. Front- Kortni, me, and Jade Taylor.

The show was really good! There were a few super cheesy parts, but that was expected... It was great fun to live it up and stay up late, even if I have to wait another year for the last one! I have the Hunger Games movies coming out to keep me looking forward to something!
After I made it home and in bed by 3 am, we felt an earthquake that was in Omak! It's about an hour and a half away. It shook the bed and lamp at about 5:00am. I felt the bed move, but was kind of out of it, but it really woke Stephen up!

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Kelley Gubler said...

i loved the show too! minus the cheesy parts of course... and what the heck? there was an earthquake??? man, i must have been tired.