Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We LOVE cousins!

The Nelson girls had their Primary Program the Sunday before Halloween. Kortni was just called as the Primary President and is still serving as the Primary Chorister. She did an awesome job and the girls did great as well. Hanna with her duet and all the girls with the speaking parts.

Halloween was super busy this year. With 2 birthday parties during the week, a trip to Spokane to see the baby Dr, Kortni's girls' Primary program, a big Adult Halloween party at a friend's shop that we helped prepare for, and 4 field trips, we really were kept on the run. By the time Halloween arrived I was pooped! We didn't start paingint faces until 5:00 which made us late to the ward Trunk or Treating which was at 5:30. I was trying to skip painting Paisley's face, but she gave me her puppy dog look and even though she was wearing her skeleton costume she insisted on having a butterfly on her face.

Beck was VERY insistent that I do his mae up just how he wanted, 1/2 vampire and the other 1/2 zombie to match his Zombie costume. I have to admit that I did a pretty good job!

Beck with cousins Alizah and Ashton. The Prunedas and the Nelsons joined us for our ward Trunk or Treat and also Trcik or Treating in our neighborhood.

The excitement was really too much. The kids had a great time at the Trunk or Treat at the Stake Center although we did miss out on the hot dogs and hot chocolate...


Cousins Piper, Alizah, Josh in the back, and Zombie Beck

Some yards and houses had some great decorations!

They were literally RUNNING from house to house. It took everything I had just to keep up. We really had only ever done maybe up to 10 houses before, but we went for about an hour at a full sprint!

Paisley got very tired and said her bag was too heavy and went to sit in the van with dad.

Alizah, Beck, and Ashton at the Byington household.

Beck and Paisley my little Halloween babies!

Beck LOVED his costume.

And Paisley as well. I'm glad that she didn't want to wear the skeleton mask, she'd get all excited and want it on, but then quickly it came right back off. But then I got to take pictures of her cute face!

Happy Halloween 2011!

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Jana said...

Oh look - it's the Nelson girls - glad to see a current picture of them. (Make sure Kortni sees this!) And what a cute little skelton/butterfly that way she wasn't too scary and probably got a lot more candy for being so cute. And Beck looks pretty darn good - great costume. Such busy times - I'll bet your tired esp being pregnant too!