Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My little man! All grown up! Happy #6 birthday Mr Beck! I love you so much. You and your huggy, kissy, emotional, always gotta have your mama and your stuffed animal ways! I am NOT looking forward to the day when you don't want to hug and kiss me. :(
At 6 years old:
*you LOVE stuffed animals, especially a dolphin named Winter, after the Dolphin Tale movie.

*Your favorite color changes, mostly depending on what my favorite color currently is. You had a love of the colors red and pink for a while, but it has switched to grey and sometimes green.

*Have a "crush" on a girl in your Kindergarten class at AIM named Azaray
*You are such a great reader and learning so quickly
*Are always standing on your head, whether waiting for a snack, watching TV, reading, you are ALWAYS on your head, jumping around, flipping over.
*You attend Yoga, gymnastics, a Book of Mormon class and break dancing in addition to Kindergarten 5 days a week from 8:30-1:15
*Actually enjoy giving talks in Primary and you are excited when it's your turn*when making a decision on a toy you lay them all out and weigh the pros and cons for what seems like FOREVER! (like at a store in the aisle or a prize out of the prize box when you earn 30 points)
*Always want to invite your teacher, Miss Candace, over to your house
*You love watching Wild Kratts on the PBS channel
*Like to play with Legos, Bakugans, and little tiny play animals
*Want a baby bunny
*Missing a front tooth that was pulled by the dentist and it may be quite a while til the adult tooth grows in
*Can sing the entire National Anthem, count past 100, beginning addition and subtraction and can read lots of sight words
*Love to make people laugh and once you get a laugh tend to repeat the action/joke to continue to get laughs.
Oh my dear Beck, please STOP growing up!

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