Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our tip to Idaho this past week brought some firsts... Cousins Keema and Penelope meet for the first time...Penelope meets Aunt Debi and Great Grandma Mimi.

Mimi sure loves on her "little sweethearts."

This is a toy horse that all the kids usually fight over at Mimi's house. There is a Pluto dog ride on toy as well. She got them at auctions and the kids are always crying who's turn it is next. Looks like Paisley won out on this one.

On Thursday night we all went bowling and then to Al's pizza to celebrate Beck's early birthday. Lizi and Jakobi bowling for Lizi's first time ever!

Mimi and my usual picture that she humors me as I take it... :)

The birthday boy! Can't believe my little guy is turning 6! AHHHH!!!!

Then we set up a little photo shoot with the little girls. Paisley kind of likes the limelight, can you tell?

Paisley 3.5 years, Penelope 5 weeks, Lizi 2.5 years, and Keema 3 months.Sweet Princess Penelope

Keema and Penelope's hands.

Paisley and Lizi trying to make a heart. One of my favorite pics of the day!

We were lucky enough to be able to attend Branson's baptism. Such a grown up kid! Way to go Branson!

and we got Penelope's 1st shower!

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