Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012. Egg dying, Easter Hunts, Easter pics at Wal-Mart, Attempted Easter pics on Sunday morning, and Easter dinner in Othello. We only had an hour of church today and it was held at a different building. Our ward has only been meeting for 2.5 hours the past few months due to renovations on our chapel. And today no one could meet in our building at all so we had to squeeze into different building, hence the hour time of church instead of the usual 3.

Easter is a big deal. A really big deal. My kids, especially Beck, are obsessed with bunnies, baby bunnies. So that's why Easter is such a big deal. It took every bone in my body to resist buying them an actual bunny. They would have gone insane. But with new baby Penelope, I don't think I could raise a bunny too! And not with the coyotes behind our house!

Baby Penelope pretty much just sat back and watched the fun. Although she did make out with a car seat toy.

Looking at the "loot." P.S. My kids don't like jelly beans, weird.

Attempted Easter attire family pics before church that ended up making us late. As usual.

Easter egg hunt in Othello after dinner. Paisley was estatic that there were Smarties all over the ground. That girl loves her Smarties.

And it took Beck every muscle in his body to stop for a picture for fear of missing all the eggs and candy, but he made off with more than enough, which I snuck a bunch out of both their baskets

and gave a bunch to their cousins-

Happy Easter 2012! So wonderful to know that He is Risen and that the Atonement is there for us and our loved ones. What a wonderful gift to know and receive. And how much more I appreciate and love this gift since I have had little ones of my own. They are so precious and loved.

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