Sunday, April 8, 2012

Paisley celebrated her #4 birthday while we were on our Spring Break road trip to Idaho for a Yorgesen/Fielding Family History tour. She woke up her birthday day in one of her favorite places of all time. A hotel. She loves the swimming, the breakfast, the late night TV watching.

I spent about 5 hours making her this dress for her birthday. I measured wrong and it was way too big on the top the first time that I thought I was finished, so I had to unstitch ths skirt and take it in. She picked out the pink cheetah fabric to go with it and she told me next time that she wants her birthday dress to be made out all all the cheetah fabric. When I made her try it on before her birthday she squeezed her eyes shut because her "birfday dress sposed to be a surprise mom!" And she also insisted that I wrap in in rainbow ribbons.

Joel and Michelle hosted a party for Paisley complete with her favorite a rainbow pony cake! Awesome! Two of her favorite things right now are rainbows and ponies.

Joel and Michelle also supplied trick candles that just wouldn't go out! Or they light back up again and Paisley got super light headed trying to blow them out. Thank you Joel and Michelle for making her birthday memorable after traveling in a car all day!

Presents, flying ponies, cousins, princess dolls, and baby kitty toys, what else could make a little girl happy?

and a new bike when we got home! Happy Birthday my little princess Paisley!

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