Sunday, April 8, 2012

We took an interesting Spring Break vacation this year to try and find all the old sites of some of Stephen's ancestry. A relative of Stephen's Grandma Verella, had this old black truck that once belonged to Nephi Fielding. Whom Stephen (Nephi) and Beck (Nephi) are named after.We also posed by the Yorgesen's old home where Ann was born in Darlington, Idaho. She was actually born in Shelly, but lived in the small town of Darlington.

The above home is the old home of Oscar and Marion. Paisley is named after Stephen great grandmother Marion. They had actually picked up the house and moved it to a different location, but after talking with people we found it!

This is the canal bank where Frans (Stephen's grandpa) would walk Verella (Stephen's Grandma) to school and where he asked her on their first date.

And their first date was to this movie theatre, although obviously remodeled since then.

The grave site of Nephi Fielding.

We stopped at the Lava rocks and did some cave exploring.

Todd and Dena's family and also Bob and Ann came with us.

And swung thru Rexburg where we actually celebrated Paisley's 4th birthday with Stephen's brother Joel and his family.

And a one night stop in Burley. My friend from high school, Anne Blauer, now Ringle, came to see us at the hotel swimming pool. She makes the cutest beaded socks for my girls!

Mom and baby Penelope.

Grandma Mimi and I!

Mimi and Penny

Paisley and the kids swam for quite a few hours and Paisley was beat!

All the cousins in Burley. Hanna, Piper, and Alizah were also visiting Idaho for Spring Break.

On the way back to Moses Lake we stopped at the Hagerman Fossil beds visitors center

and a quick freezing stop at Shoshone Falls in the Twin Falls canyon.

I used to hate "scenic detours" and "road trips," but now I really do enjoy them. The kids worked a lot on their "homework" and my favorite is all the diners that we eat at. I live the small town places. They are the best! SO hats off to another great road trip and some great family history found!

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