Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I drove by our old apartment that we lived in when Beck was born the other day and had to take a picture. I remember not wanting to bring Beck home to this tiny little apartment that was over run with boxes in our loving room, boxes in our bedroom. Boxes everywhere! We also had several "domestic disturbance" issues with the couple across the hall and I would cower behind our deadbolted door talking to the police as the man threw his girlfriend down the stairs and I cuddled 2 week old Beck to my chest. That poor girl, but I didn't dare enter the hallway til the cops got there. There were also incidences where the police banged down our door and a startled Stephen answered with a cop screaming "what are u burning?!?!" and Stephen answers, "a candle??" and pregnant me comes waddling around the corner- "the marijuana party is the next door..." We always wondered why Beck was such a mellow baby- ;) Memories in this place galore!


Jana said...

Thanks for the picture. What beautiful girls and handsome little man!

Lena Gilbert said...

I remember the carpet in your kitchen in that apartment!