Wednesday, May 23, 2012

 We spent the weekend at the cabin in Priest Lake with the Joey and Sabrina Vail Family. Joey helped us become fishermen, even if we didn't catch anything!
 Beck and Ryker Vail.

 Joey's Aunt owns a small restaurant that is built over a falls that we went to for lunch one day.
 The Vails brought up a little 90 and we tried to teach Beck how to rode. He did pretty good for his first time, even if Stephen only let go once.

 Ryker was awesome and had only ridden once before!
 A short little "hike" for the family down the road.
 Beck (6), Penny (almost 5 months), Korbi (29) and Paisley (4)
 The Vail family Ryker, Rydge, and Kayla in front and Sabrina, Kayzha, and Joey in back.
 all the kids at a different water fall
 Stephen and Joey freaking me out by taking Beck and Kayla to the slippery part... :(
 Kids again and below what they did a lot of the time; fish.

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