Saturday, May 19, 2012

We are up enjoying a weekend at the cabin in Priest Lake with the Vail family and we had a memorable/scary experience. We all went on a short walk down to the little water fall
at the end of the road. Took
some pictures, picked dandelions.... On the way back Sabrina Vail
and I were bringing up the rear with Penny in the hiking pack and Kayla Vail
holding hands with Sabrina. Beck and Ryker Vail ran up ahead and I assumed Paisley was up ahead until we made it all the way back and met Bob and Ann who has just arrived at the cabin and some boys from down the road came running up and told Stephen there was a little girl in red down the road who was crying.... We had left Paisley!!! My heart dropped. I was so sad for her. She said that she turned around and went back to the bridge because "mommy had left the flowers I had picked for her." I had set down the bunch of dandelions she had picked for me on the way there so that I could take pictures. I decided to leave them there because I already had bunches of them back at the cabin she had picked and I didn't think she would notice. Well, she did! So after she retrieved the flowers she headed back in the right direction but was about a whole 5 min behind us. I felt likely her of the year.... I'm so blessed that nothing happened to her and that she made it back safely to us. And she even held into the bouquet of dandelions.

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