Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I hate to even admit it because It was terrible. but like 3 weeks ago a guy on a bike, no shirt, no helmet, cut off shorts was riding on the sidewalk and I was pulling out of the gym parking lot. I looked 3 times. I never even saw him. until I heard him hit the front of my van. scariest feeling. my phone was in my purse, I was screaming because I couldn't find it to call 911 and he hops up kind of stunned but smiling. I ruined his bike, scratched up my van, by he walked away with not a scratch on him. he was sposed to be on the other side of the road in the bike lane going the opposite direction. he admitted he was going really fast so I never even saw him. I even inched out twice because there is a huge bush right there and u can't really see past it. it was so awful. :( I hate pulling out of that road.... now I hate it worse :( he kept saying no cops, no cops! and I'm like "i need to take you to a dr!" and he's like "calm down, i just need to catch my breath..." sad thing- he had just gotten his license taken away for his 2nd DUI and was late for his AA class..... ugh!!! I luckily had just cashed my check, so i had $100 in my wallet to give him for his bike. I'm really not trying to blame anyone but I don't know what else I could have done for it not to happen. I was soooo happy when he was ok.


Cassidy said...

I got hit by a car once while on a bike. hahaha. I'm sure he was fine, I mean how fast could you have been going? My incident happened out in the middle of the street (I WAS on a crosswalk), and I was totally fine with no bruises or anything...I'm sure he was okay. I hope you drank a couple of Mt. Dew's to calm your nerves though. I think it would be scarier to be the driver.

Korbi said...

It was plain terrible... :( I couldn't have even been going 1 mph :) Yeah for that!