Wednesday, July 25, 2012

 Stephen had been suggesting a 50's dance for the Stake Youth Dances for a while and kept getting turned down. He is the Stake Young Men's President. So we decided to have one for my 30th Birthday party! We did have it a few weeks early on the 21st because we were busy all other weekends.
 Although we said "no kids" baby Penelope got to join us.
 We had some great friends come out and party with us! The Vails made rootbeer and everyone brought great snacks. We had horse shoes, Ladder Ball, and bocce ball lawn games and lots of great 50's music!
 My little brother drove from Seattle just for the party and had to head back up to work the next day.
 Sister in Law Stacy and Mother-in-law Ann humored me on the mustache pictures. :)
 And Stephen humored me the most. Love this guy.
 I LOVED my outfit! I borrowed it from a friend who bought it at Goodwill years ago. True vintage 50's dress and I found my awesome shoes at Nordstrom's Rack. I bough the veil at an antique shop and added the extras to it. Jewelry and gloves were borrowed from my Grandma's stash of vintage clothes.
 Sibling pictures. Korbi, Kalan, and Kortni dressed up like Baby fromt he movie Dirty Dancing.
 Friend Alicia was so cute!

 My favorite outfit of the night: MINE! I'm not shy, I loved it! I wore it to church the next day and got lots of compliments and people apologizing for missing the "party of the year!" Yeah!
 Silly brother Kalan.
 We had a good turn out and I had lots of fun. I hope that everyone else did too!

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Ella said...

Happy early birthday! LOVE your outfit:) and also the mustaches!
Sounds like a fun party!