Thursday, July 19, 2012

 My little brother Kalan flew home from being in Australia working on designing a building since the end of December (he was there previously for a month, flew home and was actually there when Penelope was born) He knew that me and my kids were coming to meet him and he was going to stay with us for a night, but he had no idea that mom and dad, Justin, Jakobi and her family and Kortni and hers were also there. Sad that we missed the actualy "welcome home" because his flight was 30 min early and the Seattle airport has some crazy ideas on a parking situation, but we staged the signs and photos after we had caught him at baggage claim. Soooo excited to have him back!
 Uncle Bubba and Paisley, Beck, and baby Penny who was only days old the last time he saw her.
 Kalan and 2 of his sisters Korbi and Jakobi above and then the whole clan; Korbi, Bruce, Kalan, Dawn, Justin, Jakobi, and in front- Penelope, Paisley, Beck, Lizi, and Jax.
 The Nelson girls, who met us at lunch and Uncle Kalan.
 We celebrated Justin's birthday which is on the 26th of this month and Kalan opened his birthday presents from the 3rd of June.
 Most of the kids got snackes courtesy of Maimi Dawn at the Rainforest Cafe where we ate lunch.
And lots more hotel swimming....

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Jana said...

Thanks for the update - This one slipped by Twylla and she didn't mention it to me or Terry. Sounds like a great family reunion