Monday, August 20, 2012

 Grant County Fair came and went. The kids got to choose two rides and we took cousin Ashton with us and the boys got lucky and rode a third ride.

 Cotton candy for $4 and $5 snow cones! Yikes! It's all part of the fair!
 Paisley entered a decorated block and got a white ribbon from a mean ol judge that thought "come on mom you can't help your child." I guess she did such a good job that they judged it like MOM did it and not a talented 4 year old ;)
 I entered the yellow. grey, black & white quilt.
 and some of my garden glass flowers that you can't tell what they are laying on that shelf, but I got "top blue adult" whatever that means and won $5 :)
 Beck got a blue ribbon on his Bionicles that are the organce and black and red ones above his head on the shelf.

 $1 ice cream! Yeah!

 We got to walk around with Grandma Ann and Bobby boy the night that we went to the fair.

 $8 to "ride" inside the bubbles on the water. Kids said it was super fun, but their favorite was the $10/person elephant ride! Best part of the fair Beck said.

 I was glad that Ashton went with us because Beck got super brave and went on a ride that he otherwise wouldn't have even considered and he loved it so much that he went twice!

Paisley wanted to go on the Strawberries so much, but right before her turn a kid threw up, so they shut down the ride, so she chose the carousel instead.

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