Sunday, March 31, 2013

 Easter egg dying, and yes, Penelope tasted the liquid...

 Spring is finally here and we can eat on the deck! Yeah!

 Not the most successful "before Easter Sunday church picture" we have ever taken...
 OH! The Excitement!!! I don't even think that the van was even in park before Beck jumped out. Luckily Uncle Kalan was there ready with the camera!
 Beck didn't even stop to grab his bucket or see the "start" line.
 Penny actually did pick up a few eggs and put in her bucket.

 M&M picture bribery evidence on Penelope's mouth.

 After Easter dinner we celebrated Paisley's 5th birthday (April 3rd) and Hanna's 12th birthday (April 2nd) I can't believe Hanna will be 12 and my baby Paisley will be 5!!
 Goodbye Uncle Bubba! We always miss you! (He won't touch my stomach) Come visit again SOON!

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