Sunday, March 17, 2013

 This last week was Spirit Week at AIM leading up to the big jog a thon fundraiser on Friday.
 First up was "favorite color day" and Beck chosse Red and Paisley's favorite color has been "rainbow for some time now.
 Super Hero Day and Tie Day day was another favorite.
We ended with Green Day on Friday, but we played hooky for most of the day and after the Jog a Thon went home and rode bikes and had a picnic on the porch. I was so proud of Beck, he ran the most laps in the school (145 around the gym floor) and earned the prize of a new pair of tennis shoes! (A gift card to Big 5) He was so proud and man, that kid was driven! He knew he had to beat 133 laps, and he just kept running! I love having my kids home with me and wouldn't mind playing hooky every day....

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