Thursday, December 18, 2014

Went and saw Santa Claus at the museum this past Saturday. 
Beck asked for the Lego movie play station 3 game. He didn't want to sit on his lap and I told him just to stand next to him but Santa picked him right up and plopped him on his lap! 
Paisley gets into a fit of giggles whenever she sees Santa Claus! Can't hold her smile back. She asked for Puppy Surprise. 
Penelope was hesitant the whole way there but then ran right up to him to show him her puppy and then asked also for Puppy Surprise. 
Remington not so sure, but no crying! I was almost sad I didn't get a screaming crying picture...
And then one of all my sweet angels together. What cuties. Seriously- they are adorable. I love putting their outfits together, I spend months scouring stores and online. I'm quite obsessed with it, it's mostly ridiculous. 

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