Saturday, December 27, 2014

3 years ago on Christmas Day I was trying my hardest to not overdo it, so that I could postpone labor. When I woke up on the 26th in the earl hrs with labor pains I was glad my little one would not be born on Christmas Day. It is fun to talk with her about Jesus' birthday bring Christmas and "who's birthday is tomorrow?" And she yells "Penny!" 

Penelope is my little firecracker. Always on high edge and full of emotion and pure spunk! She loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, eating noodles, painting and coloring.  
Paisley loves Elsa and unicorns righ now. Pink is her favorite color. 
We got her a little trampoline and she was determined to let everyone know that it was hers! Happy Birthday our Princess Penelope! We love you so much! 

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