Monday, December 1, 2014

We left for Hawaii early Monday morning on the 24th of November. The flight was long, boring, and stressful! But we all survived and make it to the sun and 80+ degrees. 
I think Penelope's favorite thing is the beach. She loves to play in the sand. 
We visited a cute park and the kids ran around for quite a bit. 
Beck doesn't love swimming with fish, but he does it to appease his dad. 
My beautiful kids at the park. 
We also stopped and visited a lighthouse on one of our drives. 
Beck and Paisley are loving the underwater camera and also the GoPro camera. 
Thanksgiving dinner was late at night and yummy. I actually had pork tacos and paisley had chicken and fries (as usual) Penelope had grilled cheese, but Beck and Stephen had traditional turkey and stuffing. Beck's came smothered in gravy, so he did the best he could to nibble at it without a disappointed look on his face. 
Paisley loves running in and out of the surf and hanging out with cousin Sunny. 
Remmy likes his mama to hold him and also to eat sand. 
We attempted some family pictures this morning. Thank you to Michelle for pushing the button! I am joy estate company with how they turned out, but they are a family pic, so I can't complain. 

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