Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It's warm again and we have walked to the bus more with the two older kids. Penelope takes her back pack and says "me bus? Bus?" Nope, sorry little one. Not just yet. A few more years. A few more years we will endure your tantrums at home and snuggle watching Mickey Mouse and "ooby doo." (Scooby Doo) a few more years of grocery shopping together at walmart watching you stand on your top toes to throw in yet another package of Oreos and run happily to the nail polish section to pick out yet another bright colored $1.97 polish. It will go by too quickly and I will cry as I watch you climb the big steps of the bus. But for now, stick with me, climb back into the stroller and let's walk around the block again and pick up whatever rocks you want to take home with us. 

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