Friday, May 16, 2014

My kids have an awesome pediatrician. Hands down. She's amazing. Dr. Karen Lindberg is the best. Takes time with me, smiles and laughs with the kids, very knowledgable and concerned. Even with all these wonderful qualities, Penelope has never been very find of her. Downright hates the office and goes in a spiral when we pull up. Kicking, screaming, bawling and thrashing throughout the whole appt. 
Today for some reason (maybe after going to so many appt where just Remington was looked at) it just clicked. She was nice to Dr Lindberg! She smiled at her!!! She laughed with her!!! She let her look in her ears and listen to her heart no problem! I was in awe. I wish I had taken video, but I did grab these quick pictures. So appreciative of a Dr to have such patience with my stubborn little one. It paid off and it paid off big time. 

This is Penelope checking my eyes and ears like a Dr. with the cord of the baby monitor. 

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