Sunday, July 26, 2009

Swim lesson and relay

While out in Othello on Thursday I threw Beck into a swimming lesson with his cousin Ashton. Ashton's Uncle Ralph was the instructor and I think that having a guy as an instructor, Ashton in his class, at Aunt Mary's pool that he's been to a bunch, and me hiding in the house watching from an upstairs window sure helped! He did so well and no one got scratched, hit, or punched in the face!Here he is hanging onto Ralph for dear life while trying to float on his back.He really did awesome!
On Friday we stayed out in Othello another night for the Relay for Life. The kids kept busy going in and out of the little hole that is in our tent, maybe it is for pets or something? I dunno, but it kept them busy. Stephen was just getting back from camping and had a Stake dance and meeting with the Youth so he didn't get out there until midnight.
Paisley and her favorite.... chocolate...This is the first lap of all the Survivors. Stephen's Uncle Jack and his dad are cancer survivors.Our team name is "Victory for Verella" named for Stephen's grandma Verella who lost her battle with cancer is 2000.Ruben, Ashton on shoulders, Todd, Tiffanni, baby Sam in her arms, Stacy taking the first lap with the group.And this is our Mr Relay, Rosa. Ruben dresses up from our team every year. He actually won the title of Mr Relay! He walked around and raised $1500! A late night photo at about 1 in the morning....
This is our camp the next morning.They play music all night long, I can't believe that my kids slept so well. Last year they slept well too, but Pais was just a newborn, so I was for sure that she wouldn't sleep, but she did!

Overall Othello brought in over $80,000 for cancer research! Whoo hoo!

This week Stephen is off again on a bike trip with his brothers..... :(


Conley Clan said...

I hate it when they are gone, there is not one to share the load...

Joel and Mic said...

Great pics! Wish we could helpl more with the relay...what a great example for all the kids! Hey- I emailed you a novel back, let me know what you think! Good luck!