Monday, July 20, 2009

Swim lesson

There is a reason why my title only says "lesson" instead of "lessonS." Beck had his first swim lesson today with Candace at a friend's pool. Private lesson, fun toys, mom and Pais watching from the sidelines..... he ended up scratching her face and crying most of the time.... guess we aren't going back..... guess we'll wait til he actually likes putting his head under water and work on getting him away from his floatie. :) Wish me luck. Seems as though he has inherited his mom's fear of the water.


Marsha said...

I remember the first lesson Dusty had.. he put a choke hold on me! I thought I was going to drown. Next lesson he was much better. Then he became a fish. Don't give up!

Jana said...

You'll get used to your kids coming back with something different then when you left them. Jennica had her ears pierced in Idaho when she was three. It was quite a surprise for me. He does look like his dad now. Just don't let Paisley get hers done.