Sunday, August 9, 2009

Clinic Visits and Cousin visits

On one of the days of gymnastics camp, I went in a little early to get Beck and figure out the rest of our afternoon, not 5 minutes after arriving Lindsay (a coach, brings Beck over cradling him in her arms and he is holding his elbow) Some kid pushed him off of a mat and he hit the carpeted floor, don't get me wrong, Beck has done this to many other little kids, so no harsh feelings to the pusher :) Upon inspection, dang, it seriously looked injured and I thought even broke. There was a lot of swelling over his elbow and a weird bump under it, along with a few abrasions. I was pretty calm and quickly decided to run him to the clinic. I was thinking, "Well, this is it, we've made it 3 1/2 years without any major accidents, it's kind of about time." He wouldn't move it all the way to the clinic, but by the time I got there he was playing with my earrings and moving it all around, so the Dr didn't even take X-rays or anything. Now it just has this big yucky bruise and a carpet like burn.The next morning, Paisley was awnry! and if anyone knows Pais they know that she is not an awnry person, so I got her into the clinic and we left with a sinus infection.... she is doing much better.The "Beck" cousins are here even though they are all Nelsons, Widmiers, Ashtons, and the missing and well loved Conleys (they are in Oregon) My little brother Justin, the red head, is actually the only Beck, but they are Beck cousins cause they got Beck blood in them! (Those of you that didn't know Beck is my maiden name and that it why Beck is names Beck. :)
Pictured with much loved babysitters, Lindsay (who we will miss dearly! she is going to Arizona for school) and McKenna her younger sister.... Left to Right; Justin, Bridger, Hanna, Branson, ALizah, Piper, Beck, Paisley, and Broxton.

On Friday we took the boat out and had some chilly fun! Beck and Pais both went tubing and we didn't even get wet!


Ella said...

Looks like fun

Anonymous said...

Wish we were there to make it complete! Glad you guys all had fun, and we will see you soon!

Deborama said...

His elbow looks bad! His face is too cute, he needs candy! I love the video!

Joel and Mic said...

GLad to hear the kiddos are okay!