Sunday, March 13, 2011

So this is my beautiful/goofy niece Hanna Nelson. She thinks she's super funny... She kind of is ;) I took her with me to Wenatchee with my friend Jade and her daughter as well to a "Momtography" class where we learned how to use our camera and such. It was super informative and a fun day and when I got home I still had a little left in me to play in Photoshop for a minute.
I have always been interested in taking good pictures. I don't need to be a professional, but if I am saving them forever they better look good right? Stephen got me my much coveted AWESOME Canon t2i camera for Christmas and I had a bunch of fun in New York messing around with the settings and trying to figure it all out. Let me tell you, photographers are smart. This stuff is confusing.... Serious. Wish me luck on this new endeavor... well, that and couponing. Geez, now THAT'S time consuming! When I get my new sewing machine I don't think I will still have time for all this, but until then I'm saving money with coupons and laying in the dirt to get the perfect picture!

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Anonymous said...

i am trying to figure out my camara too! share what you learn