Friday, March 11, 2011

This is Big Cat. We have had him for 3 years and he is an almost $1,000 cat. Beck first named him Patrick, then Chancho, then Racer, T Rex, Racer Rex, and it is now Big Cat. And it fits him quite well as he weighs almost 11 lbs. When we got "White Cat" who Beck thinks his name is Blue Man, but he always calls him White Cat, he was just a baby and so small, so next to white cat, big cat looked huge, hence what Beck calls him now. I blogged about how last year Big Cat cost us $400 because as Stephen (bless his heart) was starting the truck at 3 in the morning to go black Friday shopping Big Cats tail was chopped off and it was hanging by a "thread" so after surgery, he has a funny looking tail now. Normally I would just put an animal down, I mean $400?!?! But when you take an animal to the vet, bless their hearts, they are great people, but they give you this look like, "is there really an amount that is too much?" and then Big Cat looks over with these big ol eyes and it's done, credit card is passed over and it's charged.... I believe this is why Stephen never volunteers to take animals to the vet, he knows that he is just as big of a pushover. Anyways back to about a week ago. Big Cat came home and was laying on our bed (yes, I have since washed the bedding) and kept licking at a spot on his leg/rump by his tail. I just thought he was cleaning himself up, then he wouldn't come inside. Just sat on the porch and would run away when I tried to pick him up. Then I noticed a bare patch and blood and after cornering him in the garage I got him in his carrier
(he was pissed to say the least) and to the vet. $300... Sign here... Dang. I've given in again. It was a bite of some sort, snake, other cat, who knows, and he had licked all the hair off and it was super absessed. Just what you wanted to hear right? An over night stay, put under, surgery, a "stint" placed under stitches, pain killers given twice a day, an antibiotic, and I gotta flush the wound/surgery site twice a day too?!?! Yikes. Good thing this stuff is interesting to me and doesn't gross me out!

Big Cats wound before vet...

And after. Close your eyes if you are faint hearted.... I'm
Serious. It ain't pretty.

That's his tail!!! Weird huh! Now posterity will know of my love for animals I guess. :)


Jana said...

At least for your $400 you have a cat - we have a dead dog. We probably would've put a lot more into it if we thought he would have lived. A vet will never tell you to put an animal down - they can't but they can give you clues such as when they said Jack was really suffering. The kids will thank you for saving their pet.

Jana said...

PS - Maybe it was a bot fly and the worm (maggot) had already fallen out and just left the big hole with the infection. Just eanted to brighten your day a little

Korbi said...

That seriously sucks about Jack :( I am kind of hoping this bot fly thing may be true because if he gets bit again I dunno if Stephen will sanction it to spend more money... :(