Saturday, October 29, 2011

New member Tiger, but they call him Baby Kitty
White Cat, formerly named Blue Cat

White Cat as a baby

Big Cat. Formerly known as Patrick, Racer Rex, and T Rex.

On a sad note. Both cats; White Cat and Big Cat are gone. We brought home a kitten from the Silent Auction at the AIM School Fiesta Fundraiser and they wanted nothing to do with him and took off. We sent around flyers the other night and the kids snuck up to all the houses like ninjas and taped a flyer to everyone's front door. Like literal ninjas, sneaking around the corners and Paisley would loudly yell "Ghost is clear!" (Coast is clear) and they'd run to the door, leave the flyer and then sneak back. We haven't heard any response and I'm sadly thinking that the coyotes got them. :( We have had black cat for 4 years and White Cat for 2.... And this baby Kitty drives me crazy, but the kids are in love with him.

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Ashton & Co. said...

Such great pics! Cute new kitty! I promise we look at your blog...I just hardly comment anymore! :) HOpe you are doing good. You are near the end!!!! Yeah!!!!