Friday, December 14, 2012

I hold my babies as I cry
wondering why others had to die
this world is scary, this world is sad
how do I explain why some choose bad?
I try and build a fence around my precious ones
how do we protect our daughters and our sons?
I fight for right and honest and true
what else is a parent supposed to do?
I pray for those that lost their babies
I cry for them for they've paid high fees
I must arm my loves strong for the fight
and then kneel on my knees and pray with all my might
we need our Father, our Lord, and King
a strong comfort He will bring
Those angels that died today will be wrapped in love
in that place called Heaven above
in this I pray and know for true
for what else is a mother to do?

As I hold sleeping baby Penelope watching the news of the tragedy unfolding at the elementary school in Connecticut of the shooting of 20 innocent children and 6 adults. I feel such intense pity for the shooter and his unfathomable criminal acts towards the innocent and towards any part of the human race. We are brothers and sisters. Our Father in Heaven is crying for us. The pain I feel in my chest, the anger I feel in my heart. How tightly I want to hug my babies. After hearing of the events this morning I wrote the above words. I cry each time I reread them. And then I hug Penelope tighter and pray for my baby Beck as he sits in his classroom across town. Paisley can't understand why her mother is an emotional mess.

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

You said it so well Korbi.