Sunday, December 2, 2012

Stephen and I took a trip to Vegas starting this past Thursday and we are heading home tomorrow. The older two kids are with my sister, Kortni and Penelope is with Sis in law Tiffanni. This is Penelope's first stay with someone else and unless Tiffanni is lying to me she is doing well! And I am not going to lie that I am surprised. Penny kinda likes her mom and dad....
We have spent a lot of much needed time together and I have slept in! I am still exhausted because we go go go all day, so I wonder how long it will take me to get back to normal. Maybe exhaustion is the new normal? haha.
We came here as a college roommate reunion of sorts for Stephen. I have met a lot of fun people (the wives!) and we went on a private tour of the Hoover Dan because one of the roomies was the engineer for the huge bridge that was just built redirecting thru traffic away from the dam. It was a long tour, but soooo interesting and I really enjoyed it. The picture thru the slats is looking out of the inside of the dam. The girls for Manu pedis at the spa and that was much needed. Last night a few of us went dancing and I rode a mechanical bill at the bar. Super fun and funny memories. I am excited to see my kids tomorrow. As much as Penelope is attached to my hip I have missed her squishiness. Paisley has informed me that she is staying at Alizahs house until Thursday so I am not supposed to come and get her.

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