Tuesday, December 25, 2012

How has a year already gone by?!?! Just at this time last year I was trying my hardest not to clean up on Christmas Day, so that I didn't go into labor! I did make it until the next morning and Penelope was born that evening, the day after Christmas. While she is little and doesn't know any different we will celebrate her birthday as is, but perhaps when she gets older she will get two birthdays?
My little baby is big and growing and healthy and we just love Miss Penelope. We call her Penny more than anything and she really is quite the trooper. Mostly happy all the time. Loves her brother and sister except when they won't get out of her face! She's starting to stand up on her own. She still loves her soft pink bunnies that she sleeps with and carries around after she wakes up. Penelope is a very big eater and never did like baby food and went straight to "real people food." The only things she won't eat are eggs and mandarin oranges so far. She has a very goofy grin that she loves to show off and will show it to anyone again and again shown below in the picture of her and her grandma Ann.
It has been so fun to have her in our family and we are excited for the fun memories to come with her. We have definitely decided to keep her around! haha!

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Jana said...

What a cute smile! Sounds like you guys had a great holiday and the kids got lots of great stuff. I was wondering what Kalan was doing for the Christmas. Sounds like Twylla had a very small group this year.
PS - Where did you stay in Vegas?