Monday, May 27, 2013

Beck and Paisley had their last days of school this past week. My how much they have grown! Beck had a spelling bee on the last day and also "awards" in which he won the "Most Organized" "Mad Scientist Award" "Number Cruncher Award" "Best Actor aka Most Dramatic Award"and the "Out of this World award" for his excellence in school this year. He really has learned so much and his teacher Miss Candace sure knows how to handle him and his odd ways!
Paisley had a water party on the last day and it happened to be freezing, but she still went to school in her swim suit and played with water balloons and didn't complain once! She has learned so much as well and is loving numbers and adding and is ready for Kindergarten next year. Her teacher, Miss Marni has helped her come out of her shell and even let her paint her hands at foot towards the end of the year! Paisley and Beck are both convinced that they are riding the bus next year to school, but I keep telling them one step at a time!!! Mama can't let go all at once!

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