Tuesday, May 28, 2013

 Another AIM Graduation has come and gone. Paisley performed her tap and ballet as pre schow entertainment and then quickly changed her clothes.
 To graduate from Preschool! Our little girl is going to be in Kindergarten!
 Beck graduated from 1st grade and having his teacher, Miss Candace who has been his teacher for the past 2 years in tears as he read her a poem and about all the things that she had taught them.

 His classmates and him also gave her a tree to plant at her new house along with a Home Depot gift card. He cried when he got home after it his him that all his friends are going to different ways and to different schools.
 Below is his painting of Mount Rushmore that was on display at the Graduation Night.
 Here's me, 9 months pregnant and our cute little family.
 Paisley and her teacher, Miss Marni, who she sayd is the "smartest teacher at AIM School because she knows when my birthday is."
 My cute little kids. So sad and excited at the same time to watch them grow.

 Grandma Ann and Bobby boy as well as Aunt Tiffanni, Kylee, and Baby Asher drove out to watch the kids. So happy to have such great family.

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