Sunday, May 19, 2013

 Busy Busy Busy month of May! This is what I THOUGHT was Penelope's first sucker. I was so excited! She LOVED it! Then Stephen kindly informed me that he had given her one at church today when he had taken her to class with him. I wish he would've lied and just let me believe....
 And the hair, this Penelope baby has got some great hair! Love it!

 Beck has been in flag football for the past few weeks and is not in love with it, but is humoring his mom and dad and of course he has no choice and has to stick with the season anyways. :) He has had a few opportunities to run the ball and stolen a few flags in the process, so I am counting it as a success!

 His loyal fans Paisley and Penelope and Grandpa Bob came to a game a few weeks ago!
 The month of May has also brought the end of school year activities like this school music play the 3 Nanny Goats. Beck was a nanny goats little brother and did a great job. Pictured below is his entire 1st grade class. Some of these kids have been in the same class for years! Megan, Courtlynn (who is our neighbor and we car pool with her) cousin Piper, Beck, Kellan, Bodie, Cortney, and Emma Claire Tatum. Next year will be Beck's first year attending public school and we are excited to see what the year holds for us and also sad because this means our little guy is growing up!

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