Saturday, June 8, 2013

 We just had a great fun relaxing few days at the cabin with Stephen before he took off for a few days to Philidelphia. Beck and Stephen did some diligent fishing, but with no luck, but with a few nibbles and large fish sightings at least!

 We took some short little "hikes" and yes, I can barely see my feet over this 36 week belly...
 Penelope got lucky and got a sucker at the little store down the road, while the rest of us got ice cream.
 This picture pretty much sums up all of their personalities.
 Paisley even tried her hand at fishing. It's amazing to me that my children even eat fish. Everyone of them but me. Too bad for Stephen that he has to be the one that will has to cook it if any of them actually want to eat it.
 The beautiful cabin that we had all to ourselves. I sewed for like 2 days straight and the kids played lots of board games and such. We had good food and late night movies. Can't wait to get back.
Penelope is always the lucky one that gets carried when we go see the big waterfalls and she's perfectly content with that. ;)

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