Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Dad, Bruce Beck, being the awesome dad that he is to my twin sister and I on our first birthday 1983. Not only is he the best father to me and my 5 siblings, he is just an all around awesome guy to the many around him. I dare you to thin...k of anyone else that has brought a smile to your face more than the Mr Bruce Beck! Always full of jokes and "what's that on your shoulder?" As well as words of wisdom in a desperate time of need always ended with the encouragement that you can decide for yourself and figure it out and the best part, "this too shall pass." Nothing makes me smile more remembering that dreaded sound of his footsteps hitting that first stair to come wake me up to change water on the family farm and teach me the value of hard work, all while smiling. Well, there was that one time we all slept in and he did it alone after we said we would be there for him and he was definitely NOT smiling!!! But admit it, he's awesome. And that beard is pretty much to die for as well!!!See More

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