Friday, June 28, 2013

The "birth story" of Remington Soren Ashton.
I had an appt on Thursday the 20th, but I didn't even have Dr Lyons check me again because I didn't feel any different (any more crappy than I had already been feeling) and Stephen was headed to Hells Canyon to go fishing with some buddies on Friday and Saturday and I didn't want to stir anything up and have him miss it. Kalan came to visit Friday night and stayed til Sunday afternoon and we had a low key weekend. Kalan and I did go see World War Z with Brad Pitt in it and it was spectacular! Edge of your seat blood pressure crazy spectacular. Sunday I don't feel awesome and the kids and I skipped church, Penelope had a snotty nose and was up in the middle of the night for a few hours the night before. Stephen had made it home late Saturday and there was no baby yet, so he was in the clear to not miss the birth of his 4th child. Subday afternoon was spent doing laundry and we took off on a bike ride with the Nelson girls. Monday Mormon about 7am I woke up to use the bathroom and then went back to bed and a few moments later felt a little wet. I was confused since I had just gone to the bathroom how had I wet my pants? But it's been known to happen when I am this huge pregnant. I went to the bathroom again and luckily had just spoken with my friend Sabrina about this and realized that my water had probably broke. It's not always like how it happens in the movies... I told Stephen and then all the kids got excited and wanted to know where te baby was. I called my dr and convinced them to let me go see them, to make sure, so I didn't get sent home from the hospital if instead I had peed my pants. I left Stephen at home with kids as made it to Dr Lyons office at 9 and they stuck me on a table and although I was not a 3 and feeling mild contractions that indeed my water had broke. He said I could go home and grab my bags but not to take all day and he would call the hospital and tell labor and delivery that I was on my way. I drove home and got out of the van and walked towards the front door and that's when my water broke like in te movies. It was everywhere. My sweatpants were soaked and I was so glad I was still standing on the porch and not in my front entry way. I yelled for Stephen and he was on a conference call and was trying to get off and finally just told them his wife was having a baby and was standing in a puddle of water on his porch and they let him go. He grabbed me some towels and I made it to the bathroom and changed clothes and tried to shower off but I just kept leaking everywhere. He got the kids in the car and we headed to the hospital where Tiffanni met us to take the kids. I got checked in about 10:00am and was still only at a 3 after and hour or so, so they started pitocin at around 12:30. I didn't want to start potocin, I had heard borrow stories, but it got things moving and I was having some major contractions a few minutes apart at about 2:45 but they didn't check me again until about 3:00 and I was a 6 and feeling lots of pressure. Stephen took off to get some food at Jack in the box down the road. At about. 3:17 I sent a text to Jakobi saying I didn't know how much longer I was going to make it because I was exhausted. Stephen made it back about then and I was having major contractions without much rest in between and I remember making a few comments about how strong the bed rails must be because they weren't broken yet. At this point the nurse checked me again and I was an almost 9 and she said "I can almost guarantee the next ones means baby!" They called Dr lyons and I went through some crazy contractions with my legs straight and crossed pretty much holding baby Remington in where I was "yelling" "I'd really like to push!" And the nurses saying that the Dr was on his way. I looked at Stepehn and asked him "how many more times are we going to do this?" And he chuckled along with the 4 nurses that had gathered in our room with all the excitement I was stirring, I told them I was sorry but I was pushing and in came Dr Lyons, threw one glove on and told the nurse not the drop the table because he didn't have time for another glove and he said one more and out popped baby Remington. Stephen looked and me as somewhat whispered "it's a boy," and I remember thinking that I didn't care just please don't put it back!! I asked him to grab the camera and he did but had to set it back down after Dr Lyons asked if he wanted to cut the cord and he did. I felt so great after it was all done and they laid Remmy on me and I looked at the nearest nurse and commented how small he was. After a bit they finally weighed him and he was a small 6 lbs 6 oz. smallest baby we have had yet. Looking back I would rather my water not break because I didn't like being in the hospital for so long before delivery. But I still made it without an epidural an was able to get up and wall around afterwards. My friend Alicia Taylor made it a few minutes after the birth ad snapped some pics for us. And Tiffanni and the kids and Grandma Ann after that. The kids were great. They loved him at first sight. Penelope have him big smiles and wanted to touch him over and over. Paisley said he was the "cutest thing ever." And Beck was so proud to have a brother. We were in disagreement about his name for quite a while. I was so set on the name, Remington, after I had had a dream a month ago that we had a boy and his name was Remington. Beck was insistent, and got Paisley on board as well, and they were calling him Soren. Soren had been on the list and they wanted it bad! Stephen was saying he liked all the names, as usual and was no help in deciding. He did say no to names before then so I do think that he at least liked what we were left to choose from. Even though I also think he was leaning towards Jorgan, but did tell the kids that mom did all the work, so she probably gets the most say in the baby's Name. In which Beck responded that he didn't care what we named him, but he was going to call him Soren. Soren is Stephen's great great grandfather, Oscar Fran's father and grandpa Yorgesens grandfather. I was not too keen on having all the names end the same with On and En and somewhat rhyme, but I really wanted Remington and the kids wanted Soren, so by Day 2 in the hospital Remington Soren Ashton it was- papers signed, sealed, and tuned into the birth certificate office.
Kids meeting baby Remington a few minutes after he was born.
First look at the little guy.
Such a tiny guy!
Remington likes his hands always in his face.
Remmy and his pediatrician, Dr Karen Lindberg.
Remington's first bath at the hospital.
Proud daddy.
Dr. James Lyons delivered Remington.

Ready to go home!


Cassidy said...

Congratulations!!! I had my water break with Carter. Way not cool. :) Love the name!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

He is so beautiful Korbi. I think your water story is very, very funny.

Lena Gilbert said...

Oh Korbi he's so cute! I have to laugh, Kevin was driving with me when he was on that conference call with Stephen and I got so excited when he said your water broke! You look great too, I can hardly tell you just had a baby. Great job!