Sunday, January 4, 2015

We spent a few days at the cabin and thru the New Year. Remmy started it out with a bang and a little plastic wagon and him went the rounds. The wagon won. He was actually sick most of the time. Poor kid. Always sick with something. 
Beck built a lot of towers and actually took the play station and played his a madden football game he got for Christmas. 
Korbi tried to work on a quilt for the new baby but the dimensions and measurements were taking her forever to figure out so Stephen took it upon himself to draw diagrams and figure out so the measurements. She almost has the quilt too finished. 
Korbi also did a little photo shoot for the preteen cousins. I've really been working on learning the ins and outs of photography. 
Beck and Paisley went skiing for the first time. Paisley said it was scary but they both liked it. Beck took right off! 

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