Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter egg dying. Never enough eggs and always goes to fast. Only one episode of Remington trying to drink the egg dye... 

Easter egg hunt bright and early! It was Conference weekend so he kids noticed the baskets on the porch about 7:30am 
Remington got one look at the Peeps in his basket and just wanted to eat them and then a sucker every now and then. 
The kids organizing their spoils and counting their coins that the bunny left in the eggs. 
Penelope got lucky and found the $2 bill! 
Even though it was Conference Sunday I still made the kids get in the Easter clothes, so that I could take some pictures. 
It was actually pretty chilly, but they were troopers and I didn't make them stay out there for too long. 
I love my little munchkins and their cute faces and fun personalities that keep me on my toes! We ate Easter dinner at Kortnis house and took ham, green bean casserole, grandma Mimi's jello, and deviled eggs. The kids had so much fun playing outside with the Nelsons. 

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