Saturday, April 18, 2015

What a day! Since Violets birth I have thought something was wrong with her eye. A few hours after a bilirubin check up and weight check her eyes started getting purple like it was bruised and a hard ball formed by her nose. The swelling since birth has already made her nose appear flat. I called and left a message with Her wonderful Dr Lindberg and I missed her call back and then they were closed and they called me early this morning announcing an appt scheduled with an Optomologist in Spokane for this afternoon. I will admit I was nervous at the urgency. Stephen skipped work and we headed to Spokane. is the name and definition of the condition of her tear duct. Basically a cyst in her tear duct that is building up infection from being blocked near the tear duct and in her nose where it is supposed to be able to drain. They tried to fix it in office as sometimes they are able too but could not. The condition itself is not that serious unless it ruptures and the infection can seep into her blood or brain therefore being life threatening. We had the option of surgery today or putting her on antibiotics and waiting for surgery until Wednesday. Since we were already here we decided for today. A whirlwind of phone calls and getting the older kids taken care of (thank you from the bottom of our hearts Grandma Ann Ashton and Bob Ashton!!!) and hotel booked. I am currently staying at the Children's Hospital in Spokane with my sweet Violet and her first ever anesthesia, stint placed in her eye, and minor surgery under her belt and she's doing well! So thankful for modern medicine, capable Doctors, and helpful friends and family!!!  (And phone chargers, phone chargers are awesome) The hardest part was how quickly everything was happening and not being able to feed her for hours before she was put under. Her eye now looks soooo much better and we are only staying over night to monitor how she did from the anesthesia. We are very thankful!! 

After surgery- starving!!!! 

Before and after 

Staying overnight in the hospital to be monitored from the anesthesia. 

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