Thursday, April 9, 2015

We had quite the day yesterday. I hadn't  felt baby move too much and woke up at 2am and started trying to get baby to move. 2-6am. Movement- like 2 tiny kicks at 5:30. So got up at 8am and called dr. Went in and had them hook up to heart machine and drink apple juice and blah blah. Baby is fine. Got home and Penny  was asleep?!?! (10am) she never sleeps/naps. Apparently she was pretty Awnry before she fell asleep. Packed up kids to go play at gym because my sister, Jakobi is still here. Penny was pale as a kite and didn't want to go in and play. Something is wrong. I left my other kids there (felt horrible doing it) and just spent 3.5 hrs at the walk in waiting to be seen by dr and she was sleeping most of that time! Even fell asleep on bathroom floor! Apparently she has a UTI and now I'm fighting RITE Aid cause they are idiots... 😭😭😭
I was in tears in the waiting room. She lot shaking as she was sleeping and her fever sky rocketed to 103 just while we were sitting there waiting to be seen. 

But the promised ice cream makes anyone feel better! 

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