Friday, April 24, 2015

Pregnancy is hard, labor is harder. I felt like I had been having irregular contractions for days. I woke up Sunday the 12th middle of the night knowing the contractions were real, but they never progressed. I was exhausted and wanted to stay home from church, but I figured if anything working in the Nursery would help me progress along faster. I made it through most of church, but we left the end of sacrament a few minutes early because I was hurting. We ended up staying home from a family dinner in Othello where nephew Carsten put on a presentation about his mission. We skyped them from the iPad and wee able to listen in. Pretty lazy day. By about 10pm I knew it would be middle of the night delivery and I started stressing about what to do with the kids and my sister, Kortni, said that she would come and stay. I called her at midnight and she came over. Contractions were about 7-9 min apart by then. About 2:30 I finally woke Stephen and told him it was time to go. I had some really close intense contractions right after that and the thought crossed my mind that I hoped we would make it. I texted stephanie Lyons (her husband is my Dr) and told her that I was headed in. We got the the hospital a little before 3am and I was exhausted, but I still chose to walk to labor and delivery after checking in (I forgot to preregister! This dawned on me while we were drivin to the hospital, oops!) so checking in took a bit and I walked to labor and delivery, got my clothes changed and climbed in bed and begged for the good crunchy ice. 
I got my tummy crunchy ice and got checked and I was at an 8! Yeah! They asked if I wanted an epidural and I said no since I was an 8 already. (I had debated on the way to the hospital because I was already exhausted an wanted to sleep that if I wasn't far enough I might give in and get one so that I could rest.)  They couldn't send me home, this was really it and I was ready! Stephen texted my friend Alicia and told him this was it and she better hurry! She is the lovely person who took all these photos for me. Dr Lyons got there and I gave a good big push and I was right there. My contractions were only about 5 min apart, so in between pushes it's super akward as everyone is waiting around waiting for my next contraction. Stephen was right there and I was crunching ice and going crazy with pain. 
I pushed about 4 big pushes and at one point she got stuck at her shoulders as the umbilical cord was coming out too and I tried to breath instead of push because I was so light headed and everyone got these worried looks on their faces and kind of yelled at me to keep pushing, so then I got uber worried and pushed like a crazy person and out came by baby girl! It was kind of crazy for a minute and no one looked to see if it was a girl or a boy. And then one of the nurses was like "well, what is it?!?" It's a girl! I am still kind of in shock. I thought it was going to be a boy! But we are sooooo excited that out little Violet Snow is here. She is named Snow after her great grandmother Annie Elizabeth Snow Beck. Snow was her maiden name. 
She nursed right away for a good half hour. Alicia Taylof stayed for about 1.5 hrs and got some wonderful pictures for us of Violet's birth and also her first bath. I kept almost falling asleep I was so exhausted. After 45 min or so I was able to get up and go pee and we went to our new room. 
Violet Snow Ashton 
April 13, 2015 3:44am 
7 lbs 11 oz 20.5" long 
Tiffanni came from Othello and went and relieved Kortni and she got the kids all cute and they came to meet their baby sister. 
Our first family picture together. Remmy was very insistent that this was his baby and no one else got to hold her but him. 
Dr Lyons who delivered Baby Vi. 

My sweet baby girl with the swollen face and eyes! 
After Vi was a week old I took some of these pictures. 

This one if from a photo shoot with my friend HeatherLynn, a very talented newborn photographer. I won a photoshoot from her and I was soooooo excited! 
We are so happy to have Baby Violet join our family. She is a sweetheart and will be very loved! 

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