Monday, October 29, 2007

Altoid Tin

Sommers, sorry this took so long to get to you. I had to borrow a camera, I cry every day since i lost mine!!! Argh! It was easier to blog it then send an e-mail, I'm still not to quick on the computer side of things..... Good Luck!! I took a class on how to make these from a gal named Tiffany at a scrapbook store called All 'Bout Scrappin that used to be here in Moses Lake, but I don't know her last name.... I changed it a bit and made it a month to month tin to see how Beck grew and changed each month. So that means that I added a lot more paper to the accordian fold and added quotes and things in between the pictures every now and then.

Use the old Altoid tin, some of the new ones have raised tops, you don't want that one. Measure your paper to the top, bottom, and sides of your tin, cut "templates" and then size accordingly. Using different coordination patterns for each. The inside template should be smaller and the top and bottom of the tin always seem to be different sizes, but it is quite easy to sand off any edges that are too big or hang off and you can't get it with scissors after you have already glues it down. Mod Podge (from Wal-Mart) the back of papers to glue onto tin. Mod Podge (glue) all papers on first, do not Mod Podge over top yet. Be careful when ModPodging sides and do not use too much, will rust the hinges on lid of tin in the back. You can scrape off extra ModPodge later.

Use (2) 12X12 papers for insert. Measure to fit inside and then fold accordion style, first in a long rectangle, you will round corners later to fit perfectly into the tin.
Glue one rectangle insert end to the other, this picture below shows a small hint of a line where papers connect, you can only use one 12 X 12 paper, but there won't be as many picture slots obviously.
Now use a corner rounder, if you don't have one get it at Wal-Mart, $3.88, use on the corners of folded accordion rectangle. It's easier to punch 2 edges at once.
Now you can "glue" Mod Podge in bottom of insert into bottom of tin if you want. Mine is not glued down, since i added pictures later, it was easier not to glue it down, so I could take it out o to work on it every month for Beck's new pic to be added.
Now there should be some "extra" paper that did not fit when you accordian folded your insert, this is where you make your tab, so that the pictures are easy to fold out and look at. I added a "tab pull." Now embelish the heck out of the little bugger and mod podge over top. Making sure to let dry before you close the lid or it will rust. Good luck Sommers and send for questions, these instructions are probably hard to understand!!!


Sommers Gerratt said...

Thanks Korbi, I am looking forward to trying it out. You did each month of beck 1st year of life?

You are so creative!!!!

Amber Marie said...

Im so glad you posted this. I absolutly loved the one you made for McCoy and I get a lot of comments on it. I am so excited to try and make one myself.