Saturday, October 6, 2007

Making applesauce

Today was looooonnnnnggg! First we planted about 200 bulbs, then Stephen had to go on an appointment and I finished and made a small retaining wall on the side of the garage for some of my special "Queen of the the Night" black tulips. Then I planted a bunch of hyacinths and by the time we got inside it was 3 pm and Beck was READY for his nap! While he slept I made applesauce and then canned it. Not the first time, the 2nd time, but this was the first time by myself! Stephen bought a box a fujis, I felt like I worked forever and I only got 4 jars, 2 hydrators filled with apples, that I don't even get to try for another 6 hours. Poor Beck woke up after an hour nap and just followed me around the kitchen whining as I was covered with sticky apple juice, so I couldn't pick him up for a while. Then I made enchiladas and stuck them in the freezer for Monday. What did we have for dinner tonight? Just chips and salsa, I got so into the applesauce and enchiladas it was 8pm before I finished. And now it's 11 Pm and I am creating a blog, someone stop me....


The Mastrude Family said...

Korbi - I am so glad you joined the blogging. It is so fun and now I get to check in on your wonderful family all the time.
Beck is getting so big and very handsome!
My blog address is

Anonymous said...

Wahoo! Corbs (umm... Korbs)! You're in the blogging scene!! Way to be. I can't wait to hear all about the fun details of your life.


Oh, and my blog is Micah Elggren 360°

Jen and Ty Martin said...

Korbi's chiclets....or something like that. Moses Lake washington..I have been wanting to stop by there for some water skiing. Anyway....Im glad to see your blogging at work.