Tuesday, October 30, 2007

October pictures

A quick catch up of pictures from our October 2007... Of course I will have cute Halloween pictures to add soon! :)
Friends Trent, Jason, and Stephen all have birthdays within a few days of each other and even though it was the big 30 for Jason and Stephen they wanted a very low key evening, so we had games planned, but actually all we did was sit around and talk. It was nice. Jason's wife and my good friend Bethany made a cute cake and we fit 30 candles on it! Notice the flaming fire ball, center.

Beck absolutely LOVES Ketchup. It makes me quite sick to my stomach, but he is so cute when he "asks" for it. He points at the fridge and then points at his plate with his little grunt like noise, like "come on mom, I know there's Ketchup in there." He once tried it on cereal and I almost threw up, so I took it away and got to listen to screams and him hanging on the fridge for a while.

This is Beck's photo shoot for my dad's photo tie that we are gettin him for his birthday. The suit doesn't fit very well around Beck's midsection, but my dad loves pictures of Beck in his suit, so we had to squeeze him into it one more time. This is obviously not the picture that we used, but I coudln't resist his cheesy grin, so I stuck it in my blog. He is almost 21 months. My little man is growing up. This is Beck and his girl cousins, Piper, Hanna, and Alizah, here in Moses Lake at their primary program. He does have a lot more cousins, but these are the ones that he sees every day and that he is more than ready to say "Bye" to me and blow me a kiss if he knows that he gets to go with them.


Bethany said...

I didn't realized Beck loved Ketchup so much. Rooman doesn't like it at all and I love it. So, I thought it was interesting that you called my cake "cute." You must've already forgotten how it toppled over!

sarakorbi said...

Oh I didn't forget, I am on Costco.com ordering a picture of it when it fell over.... :)

Anonymous said...

I wish Jax could join in on all the cousin fun!

Anonymous said...

I love Piper and Hanna and Alizah and Beck. And where is Me? We miss you and want you to come visit us in Idaho. Trick or Treat. Happy Thanks giving to Hannah, Piper, Beck and Alizah. ME! I Love KIKI. I love you Beck and Korbi forever.
Bridger and Branson