Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years and Family visits

On the 31st we got an awesome snow fall and Beck was in heaven making snow angels and the next day sledding and making a snowman which he pushed off the back of our lot. My parents, and my two sisters, Jakobi and Britni, came with their families to celebrate the New year with us. The kids kept busy playing RockBand and jumping on the trampoline in the garage. And yes, we have a tent set up in our basement because well, we are just that cool. :)
We celebrated Bransons's (Jan 12th) and Alizah's (Dec 31st) birthdays the night of the 31st after a very long day of playing. And that night was the AIM all nighter down at our gymnastics center. The kids that signed up got picked up by a limo which I think was their most favorite part. Some of my nieces and nephews came from Othello to take part in the festivities as well. My sister, Kortni (coordinator extraordinaire) and her husband drove and rode in the limo with the kids. They had to make a bunch of stops and drop offs till all the kids were safely at the gym.
This is a picture right before the New Year with all the kids that stayed the night with us. Over 40 kids running around like hamsters and hyenas all night. 15 of them made it all night with me and we had activities planned on the hour with pizza and junk food and Mountain Dew for me. I stole 2 hours and worked on a scrap booked advent calendar with my sister-in-law, Tiffanni, that stayed and was such an awesome help with all the crazy kids. My niece, Marinda, and Paisley ringing in the New Year. Paisley stayed up til 2:30 in the morning! And yes, that is a brand new wound on her lip. She fell off a chair and bit her lip right before everyone came while I was trying to set up.
Beck wasn't much of a fan with all the loud "Happy New Years" but he was a trooper and made it past 1 AM. I laid him down in his sleeping bag in front of some kids playing Star Wars and the Wii and he was so content and happy and fell asleep right there. Just a pic of the wee hours of the morning when there were only a few of us left standing. Parents came to get their kids about 8:00 in the morning and I was at home in bed sleeping for a good five hours by 10:00 AM thanks to a very helpful husband that took my kids sledding outside and built a snowman. It reminded me of when I used to work the graveyard shift at a gas station Subway after I graduated from high school. Yeah, it sucked. ;)
New Years Day was filled with me sleeping, then after about 4 PM the festivities began again. We had a pinata at our house and we opened presents that the kid cousins had done an exchange for.
Paisley was so excited to get a baby doll with LOTS of baby doll "stuff," tha girl got spoiled, she opened up like 5 more presents from people, on top of Christmas we already had! Beck got more Transformers and a sleeping bag that he has slept in EVERY night since. Which is actually very helpful tonight since I don't have his bed sheets back on his bed from the visitors that we had yet! We got some spending money from Grandma Mimi too, which we quickly put into our "save for New York" trip jar. Thank you Grandma Mimi, Maimi Dawn, and Papa Goose! And cousins, and siblings! We definitely got spoiled this Christmas with a new purse, shoes, quilt batting, baby dolls, Transformers, you name it!
On Saturday some of us adults took all the kids ice skating here in Moses Lake. Left-Right: Justin, Hanna, Alizah, Piper, Bridger, Branson, and Beck. Paisley was bundled up asleep in my arms, and Jax and Lizie were asleep in the car with Jakobi and Chad. That night the girls (minus Kortni who dogged us for a different movie) went and saw New Moon again. Didn't think it could get any better, but I actually enjoyed it MORE the second time around... Can't wait til it comes out on DVD.

My mom with Alizah and Branson.
Me and Paisley watching from the side lines...
Stephen being so patient with Beck. The only other time he has been ice skating is when he was like 6 months old and all I did was carry him around on the ice of course. Stephen and his poor aching back all bent over like that for at least 45 minutes straight.Beck didn't LOVE it, but he tried to smile for me as I took pictures.
I had to include this picture because as much as I love my daughter this face that she does drives me nuts. She sticks her tongue out and then starts acting all weird and "baby" like. I know that I still consider her a baby, but she is almost two and when she does this face it makes me think of a 5 year old trying to act like a baby. But really she is just a baby acting like a baby right? :)
This is my parents and my little brother Justin taking off this morning. Beck kind of has an obsession with Justin. Ever since he watching him play Lego Star Wars for like 2 hours on the Playstation when we were Burley back in September. He associates the game with Justin and is always asking when he is coming to visit and he wants to watch him play. I keep telling him when he is 8 or 9 years old he can play video games like Justin, so now he tells me he is 15. Also today was a big day because Beck "graduated" from the nursery into the Primary. He was a pretty old 3 year old since he will be 4 in February, so it seemed like he should be way ready. (I hear through the grapevine that Paisley was NOT ready to let her brother leave her in the nursery and was a bit upset when she realized that he was not there)
At first he walked into the big Primary room like it was nothing. Before hand I had given him a fruit by the foot to keep his mouth busy because he tends to shove the whole thing in there. He lasted about an hour before they came and got me out of Relief Society. Then I sat in his class with him for a bit then I got called down to Nursery to change Pais's stinky bum, so Stephen said he'd sit with him for a bit. Turns out Stephen told him to be good and left him in there and the kid stayed the rest of the time happy as a lark. I got a sneak peak of someone other than me teaching my kids as I sat in there with him for a bit. He was all in her face and wanting to help. His teacher will be amazing and sings beautifully. I hope he doesn't kick her in the shins one day....


Ty and Jenny Robbins said...

What a fun holiday you had! Family and all-nighters. My goodness, I'd be exhausted.

Joel and Mic said...

So many fun things! GREAT pics of everything... i want to see one of you :) How are you by the way?

Ella said...

Fun Fun Fun. Good times at the all-nighter : )
LOVE the new background

Deborama said...

So many pictures! Im glad you got some fun family time in! My kids were asleep in the car the minute we drove out of the parking lot! :) All Marinda has talked about is Paisley! Thanks for a great night!

tiff said...

I forgot little Beck was going to Primary Sunday..... That is soooo weird. I can't believe he is that old even though Ashton goes....;) I love Beck and Pasiley. Very fun week you had. Thanks for the heads up on the gym activity. My kids had so much fun. See ya tomorrow

Jana said...

Paisley must have kicked the habit because I don't see a bottle in her hand. Glad you have the tent in the basement and didn't make them sleep outside. I tlooks like you guys had a great time!