Sunday, March 28, 2010

What we do on the weekends

Play with friends (with food in our mouth)
Made our first batch of cinnamon rolls ever! With flour everywhere, I am still surprised at how good they were... Beck hated waiting all day for them to get bigger and bigger...
Wash our bikes with daddy
and yet another project for me. Stephen hates coming home and the house smells like spray paint wafting in from the garage (is wafting a word?)But I do love how it turned out. :) (I promise there is pink in the fabric of the 2 chairs and surprisingly it matches just perfect!)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you went daring and did it!
ps I finished my desk!!

Alisha Jane said...

Your projects are amazing! I need to do some more thifty shopping for cool stuff to re-do!
And the cinnamon rolls....look delish! I need to brave trying to make some of those!

Jana said...

As I said before - way too ambitious! Mrs Rhodes makes a wonderful cinnamon roll and they taste homemade and are ready in the morning! I'm sure the rolls were a much better smell than spray paint. That is one pink desk. The first picture looks alot different than the next one.
PS Terry loved the entry about leaving your keys in the running car! Said it sounded like something he would do!


im sick of your craftiness! It looks awesome I'm jealous of your mad skills

tiff said...

Tell Pasiley Her Favorite Aunt in the world is wishing her a very Happy Happy Birthday on Saturday.... (its actually saturday here so right on time).... I wish I was there to go to her party..... See ya next tuesday