Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Fourth of July post is a little behind, but better late than never!

4th of July pictures in the front yard with the flag

I have such fond memories of the black snakes we would do with the Hunt cousins every year at my Grandma Mimi's house. There still has to be black stains on her cement from them!

We were lucky enough to have Britni and her boys here staying at Kortni's house over the 4th and Brandon broke out the awesome tarp water slide...

Sister, Britni, and I enjoying the great fireworks show that Brandon provided.

Sparklers, sparklers, and more sparklers

L-R Hanna, Broxton and Britni, me and Beck, and Kortni and Piper. This is after Paisley burned Poor Pipes with a sparkler! She turned around sparkler outstretched and BAM Made contact with Piper's arm.

Thanks for the fun! It was great to be with some sisters over the 4th of July Holiday.

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